Preorder your October Box starting Aug 1st!
Preorder your October Box starting Aug 1st!
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Myths & Sips is the brain child of two book nerds with a love for Coffee and Tea.

Meet Maddie (Pictured left below) - Co-Founder, Tea Mixologist, and village artist. She is the mastermind behind all of our teas! She works hard to create tea blends that bring out the true essence of all the fandoms and stories we all love!

Meet Katelyn (Pictured right below) - Co-founder, Coffee Creator, and Business nerd. She owns Fable Grounds Coffee, which is the supplier for all of our Myths & Sips coffee. She works hard to create magical coffee blends and flavorings that will transport any reader into their favorite books!

Together they created this quarterly subscription box to bring you the best of both worlds!